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  • 11,85 €

    Michael is a nice guy, but maybe he’s too smart for girls of his age. He doesn’t have a girlfriend and has no hope of going out with the beautiful Eva. But when the Eva’s dog disappears, he finally has the chance to impress her and help her find her dog! Auf der Suche nach Toby is a beautiful and adventurous story of two very special characters.

    11,85 €
  • 11,99 €

    Lena is a girl like many others, taken up with school and her friends. She lives with her mother one week and her father the next, and spends a boring Sunday at her grandparents’ every other weekend… One day, she receives a strange friend request through her favourite social network: who is hiding behind the odd pseudonym?

    11,99 €
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items